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We went to Massey Hall on Friday to see Mariza, the amazing Portuguese fado singer.

She's tall! Taller than any of the guys in her band. Wow.

She and her two guitarists unplugged towards the end of the show and did one number acoustic out into the hall. I saw Elvis Costello do the same thing there and it gave me chills both times. That's how singers performed at Massey when it was built. That's how people saw the Swedish singing star Jenny Lind when she performed there a century ago. Many of them had never even heard a scratchy record of her, but they came to see the what the fuss was all about. And they all had to get real quiet and focussed, as we did for Mariza on that one number.

This was a kind of random post. Here she is singing on Letterman in 2007. She must have scared middle-America:
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What the fuck is wrong with Now Magazine's music section? They gave Britney Spears' new album 4 N's (their cute equivalent of stars) saying that she's vapid and talentless but that the production is awesome.

I downloaded it through a torrent this morning at work and I'm listening to this pile of crap with increasing annoyance.

But! For one second, I thought something cool was happening! I heard her sing: "Lying next to you, it's just like havin' a man..." which is an awesome lyric!!

Unfortunately, she's actually singing, "'s just like heaven on earth."

I'm stealing the better lyric and using it, dammit! [ profile] trapezebear, you can have it if it inspires you.
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I've always felt like a loser for not being into New Order. Now I realize it's because I'm supposed to be into Happy Mondays.
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Work is hellish today.

In good news, I've discovered Devo 30 years later. Wow, they're fucking brilliant. That's my kind of punk: clever and nasty and musical.

I noticed that CD Replay has a 1980 concert video of theirs on sale cheap. In looking for something to trade for it, I realized I hadn't really liked Elvis Costello's live swing set from last year (My Flame Burns Blue). It came with a bonus disk of his first "classical" music, Il Sogno, a suite from a ballet he wrote.

I started listening to it this morning and it was okay but suddenly I found myself going, "oh, shut up" at the CD drive, so I guess I'm selling it.

ARE WE NOT MEN?!!!!!!!

Holy Fuck!

Jun. 27th, 2007 08:48 am
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That's the name of the band I just heard on Radio 3. Really liked the track I heard and liked this descriptive review they posted as an artists' statement:

"...Contains no computers, midi, samplers, sequencers or drum machines. The beats and samples are provided by Casio SK's and other garage sale keyboards. The scratches on the CD are done with a 35 mm film synchronizer which is a piece of film editing equipment that to the best of my knowledge has never been used as a musical instrument. All textures, bleeps and pulsing drones are made with guitar effect pedals. It's a wonderful collection of raw, rich sounds. ...Going from scattered guitar pieces to noises and crashes as melody lines with weird beats that sounds like your standing 2 feet away from a construction site on peyote. ...A must for those who like to be captivated, intrigued and blown the fuck away." -Earshot! Online

Holy Fuck! where you'll find a hot in concert shot.

Radio 3 had the song "Casio Bossa Nova" on.
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Friday I'm in the front row at Massey Hall with my buddy Andrew for the final show by the Rheostatics with their sort of original line-up.

This band has had a major influence on me and this will be the 9th time I've seen them live since Andrea the Blind Witch first dragged me to the Horseshoe to see them back in 1994.

I'll put up a few tracks this week. Here's Fat from The Blue Hysteria (1996).

Everyone's a robot when you're a zombie!
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I seem to be on another David Bowie kick. I've been reading the book "Hallo Spaceboy: The Rebirth of David Bowie" and I've just downloaded two recent concert videos and the 1978 live album, "Stage" which I am currently enjoying. Simon House's violin adds a lot of haunt to these tunes, drawn largely from the Berlin trilogy.


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