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Feb. 26th, 2007 11:38 am
talktooloose: (puppy_jump)
This weekend was particularly restful and necessary. I worked myself up into quite a stressed out tizzy last week. Work was busy, I was having trouble writing and I'm not sure what all else, but by Thursday, I was a mess and I didn't know how to reset myself.

Friday, Snake and I both felt like we were coming down with a cold that's been going around so we descended into major hibernation mode. We spent a lot of hours in front of the TV watching our way through the first four movies of Michael Apted's Up series which is as addictive as crack. WARNING: even I had to avoid the spoilers on the linked Wiki page.

I would like to blog later about a very disturbing effect one of the stories in the series has been having on me and what that reveals about my own insecurities. This is not surprising in that it's a series that absolutely calls for viewer projection. Interesting stuff.

On Sunday, Klondike had a playdate with a 4 month old bull mastiff pup who is already the same weight as he is (and will more than double him in weight within a five months). Below the cut are many pictures of doggy cuteness in the snow.

awwww, kyoot aneemals! )

By last night, I was feeling human again. Nothing like rest, good movies and fresh air to fix the brain. I would be starting the week firing on all cylinders if we hadn't stayed up to watch the whole fucking Oscars ceremony. Idiots.

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