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Dec. 4th, 2007 01:31 pm
talktooloose: (reflection_iceman)
Yesterday at noon, my supervisor left the office for the day but didn't tell people to redirect their requests to me in her absence. Suddenly, at 3pm, a frothing research assistant came running to me saying that she had sent my supervisor email that a 6 language survey had to be live online that day!

That meant I had just a few hours to update the English portal page with language links and then create portal pages in French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic as well as getting working pdf versions of each questionnaire in place.

It was great gobs of fun.

Today, said supervisor announced that she is leaving the position because it is too stressful. Before our holiday break, we have to deliver three large syndicated studies as well as the remainder of the year's custom work. I'm encouraging her to stay at least through that.

I'm actually addled enough that I considered taking the supervisor job for about three seconds.

Let's line up the arguments, shall we?

Pro: Some more money; the warm, cozy feeling that I am normal person with real job who acts like a proper grown up.

Cons: A ridiculously stressful "buck-stops-here" job that is easily 50 hours a week; commiting a huge amount of life energy to work I'm not really interested in; giving up writing, music, drawing or any other creative activities that are the only things that I feel a sense of mission about; exacerbating the physical problems that working behind a computer all the time has created; having less time for my relationship, home, dog, friends.

What do you think?

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