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Born in North York, came to my senses and moved to downtown Toronto. I've moved very little in fact. Once when I was a year, once when I was 23 and once when I was 32.

I live with my boyfriend of 23 years. He was born in Budapest Hungary and moved to Canada in 1988, a few months before we met. I am close to my biological family, though I seem to see more of my sister who lives in New York than of my brother who lives in the suburbs of Toronto. We have a seven year old cardigan welsh corgi and the ghostly memory apparitions of several other fondly-remembered animals. I hope someday to have a parrot.

I make my living as a graphic designer. I work three days a week. I encourage everyone to question the status quo of 40 hours a week, with 10 days vacation. Work less and scale your life back or you will have no life.

I have come to accept that I will never be a father. This is a good decision because my desire had less to do with wanting a child than wanting to find a ready-made "purpose" for life. Also, accepting more "nevers" in my life means accepting that I am mortal.

Although I partly enjoy the changes wrought by aging, I fear the dissolution of my body. I have weirdness with my heart and my knees especially and I don't want to lose my ability to move freely and easily. I worry about things at 4:30 in the morning.

I wish to never own a car and I wish other people would wish it too. I'm fairly certain that our society of excess is about to crumble around us, probably after terrible devastation wrought by global warming. It is my fervent hope that the world will be drawn together productively in the aftermath instead of plunged into violent anarchy in which the glories of human achievement are lost.

I am an aetheist. I used to think of myself as an agnostic but in a world where fundamentalism is causing untold harm, I think it's important for me to come down strongly on the other side. (Update: I do not ally myself with the "new atheists" such as Hitchens and Dawkins who are, as Chris Hedges points out, every bit as fundamentalist as the people they rail against.) Philosophy is largely a pragmatic concern to me. Whether there are one or more invisible men in the sky who may or may not have inspired nature is of no relevance to my life. We have each other and we have the world around us; that is responsibility and mystery enough for me.

I draw, I write songs, I write fiction. I consume comic books, music and movies. I have a special affinity with 1930s and I love classic Broadway musicals, funk, smart Brit rock and cabaret.

I seek out queer representation in all the media I love and am part of a growing number of people who are actively questioning meanings of gender and sexuality. I am sometimes an activist, but my most fervent expression of activism is living an honest life free from disguise and deception. Ironically, this is an anonymous journal, though there are special filters you get squeezed through once I know you in RL.

I have disabled my LJ email (or rather, I will never check it). You may write to me at:
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