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For anyone who is vaguely interested. I leave all the frustrating parts out, btw. I just advertise SUCCESS! This is Toronto, land of SUCCESS!

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We NEVER stop thinking about the renovations:

I came home yesterday and Snake said, "Here check this out!"

He opens an amateur porn pic he downloaded.

"Hot," I say.

"No! Look at the floor! That's the floor I want!"


Feb. 3rd, 2009 02:29 pm
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We spent a lot of the weekend planning the spring reno. Most of the energy is going into planning the kitchen which is the most technically complex and expensive part of the plan.

Friday night, two hours in Home Depot. Saturday, Rona, two kitchen stores, two appliance stores.

Things are starting to come together. We have a pile of ridiculous kitchen design books from the library which are almost entirely about the latest in finishes and not about the core of practical design. One book goes on at length about how to place your TWO OVENS so they look right. This same book has larger and larger kitchen plans as it goes on, the last being 32' X 32'. Good god! You'd need a monorail to go from point to point of the "kitchen triangle". Our kitchen, for the record, is 14.5' (the width of our house) by 9.5'.

Sunday saw a bit of a breakthrough as we finally decided to do away with the kitchen table (as the dining room table will be right outside and, in fact, on the other side of an open "window" between the two rooms). We also finally figured out how we can use our old kitchen cabinets in conjunction with the new ones. That decision alone saved thousands of dollars.

One question we can't find a good answer to: is a hardwood flooring a good or bad idea in a kitchen? It sure would make life easier to just lay the same flooring across the whole main floor. We're thinking bamboo, as it is durable and taken from sustainable sources, however we have yet to figure out how to work with the colour choices in bamboo. Raw is so pale and IKEA. Carbonized is a kind of dead-looking caramel, and the stained choices don't appeal or are overpriced.

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