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Attention: Sales are not awesome on the best superhero book out there now (and the only superhero book I buy): DC's Blue Beetle. There are now three trades out and you should all buy them. Points:

  • Mexican-American teenage hero with believable family life
  • Hilarious dialogue which does not lower the pathos level
  • Good art despite multiple artists
  • Complex backstory and aliens who know PR



Aug. 27th, 2007 10:16 am
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I spent a bit of time at The Toronot Comic Arts Festival explaining to people who had seen the beginnings of my graphic novel why I was no longer drawing it. My speech went something like this:

"I had drawn 51 pages of approximately 250 when I suddenly realized I didn't want to draw page 52. I had spent a wonderful year learning to drawn better. I had been disciplined and methodical. I had proven to myself that I knew comics well and could tell stories in that medium. But I realized that I was never going to be a good enough visual artist to satisfy my high standards."

This declaration met with the predictable artist's pep-talk (we're never satisfied, there's always someone we think better) but I went on to explain that I can, when writing music or fiction, get the sense of mastery that I cannot when I draw. Furthermore, I'm already at a level in both these disciplines that I can effectively tell the tales I need to tell. I want to improve and improve, but I have the faith in these media that such improvement will be acheiveable.

Now, that being said, I have been thinking that I will draw again at some point in the future and I will acheive my aims through simplicity. If I don't want to figure out the three point perspective of a room, I will ignore it and use a flat plane. If I'm bored with a background, I'll forego it. I'll draw what moves me and nothing more.

I love complexity. I admire artists who juggle variables like burning chainsaws. As a lyricist, I insist on the puzzle of true rhymes. As a novelist, I relish writing scenes where the comic and tragic must dance a tango on a tightrope. As a comic book artist, I picked a style that demanded more than I could give. I will try not to make that mistake in the future.
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This last weekend was the Toronto Comic Arts Festival in Toronto and I was vibrating with excitement. I made a list of the artists I wanted to meet and got to them all except Paul Pope:

Becky Cloonan: Uber-brilliant artist of Demo, Jersey Rising and American Virgin was cool but a bit hard to connect with. Maybe I scared her when I told her she makes my world go round?

[ profile] jimrugg: So sweet and friendly. Talent and humour. I loved his comic Street Angel and hope he goes back to it. He is currently inking Cloonan on American Virgin.

Tom Scioli: insane Kirby-addicted artist of Godland who said he is putting everything he is and has into his art now. He is young, geeky, wildly imaginative.

Carla Speed McNeil: one of my heroes. Her Finder is one of the great works of SF and anthropology around. She and [ profile] redknot ended up talking evolution theory for an hour on Saturday night.

Adrian Alphona: Shy and cute. Penciller of the first 20 issues of Runaways. He bailed before Joss Whedon started writing? What's with that? He basically hid behind the girls at his table the whole time.

Also awesome to meet were Zach Worton from whom I bought lots of mini-comics, Claudia Davilla, whose Spoiled is all pretty-like, Steve MacIsaac who does autobiographical queer musclebear comics and Scott Chantler, whose Northwest Passage I will have to buy.

I bought lots of comics, but really blew my wad on two pages from American Virgin #15. Those on my non-anonymous list will see a pic.
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From the current arc of Carla Speed MacNeil's Finder:

Jaeger is confronting doctors on Brigg's condition, suggesting they are not completely competent:

Doctor: The four of us are doing our best with the damage that has already been done... Do you know how much unconscious hostility you are exhibiting towards me right now?

Jaeger: What part of it do you imagine is 'unconscious'?

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