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I'm weirded out. At the beginning and ending our trip, we woke up in our little hotel in Pahar Ganj, an intense market area in Delhi. You left the door and stepped into immediate chaos: tight streets full of vendors, pedestrians, cows, motorbikes all vying for space. You put your sensors on maximum to wend your way through the hazards and opportunities and it was exhilarating and sweaty.

This morning, my third back in Toronto, I walked through our neighbourhood to the subway and it looked like a neutron bomb had hit the city. The population density was dizzyingly low, the air cool, the streets wide and the populace deliberately oblivious.

If I were forced to name the most crucial difference between India and Canada, I would say that here we do everything we can to avoid personal interactions and codify those we are forced into to make them as rule-bound and pattern-oriented as possible.

In India, on the other hand, you are constantly swimming in a sea of humanity and you must negotiate constantly. It can be exhausting, but it is not alienating.

arrgggggh. I hate 9.5 hour jet lag.

I Mean...

Sep. 2nd, 2007 10:50 pm
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I mean, I see why people use pre-arranged tours, but in the long run, arranging and booking everything ourselves will be more satisfying (and cheaper).

We have had to research a lot just to figure out which places to go and for how long. We have learned a lot about the way Indian bureaucracy works by deliving into the booking process for trains and planes. We have gotten a picture of just what challenges we will face and and what wonders see by reading the blogs and forums of other travellers (e.g.,

We did get out today... a nice bike ride to Kensington Market to buy poppy seed and dog food.

Also, we feel a bit under the weather because we have typhoid. Or at least, the mild version of it brought on by the vaccine we've been taking in four installments this week. Wait until I start having the trippy dreams that malaria meds are supposed to bring on! Good entries coming your way!


Sep. 2nd, 2007 01:36 pm
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It's a beautiful sunny day on the last long weekend of summer and we're trapped in the basement making and unmaking endless India itineraries. With one stroke of the digital pen, we wiped out the state of Gujurat this morning.

Thank god the the train booking system goes down in 20 minutes and doesn't come back up until this evening...
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We're leaving for India in a month. We busted our humps getting the visa documents together (photos, forms, return mail envelopes) on the weekend. The ridiculous thing is that the consulate is a bike ride away but you're not allowed to drop off the forms in person. You have to use an $8.39 ExpressPost envelope.

Furthermore, you have to put a return $8.39 ExpressPost envelope inside. Both are elaborately filled in with "to" and "from" fields. Hey! We fucked one up and put the inside envelope on the outside! I sent my whole visa package to myself for $8.39!! Yaaaayyyyy!!

Meanwhile, we still don't know where we're going. The list of unmissable places is getting longer and we're currently considering buying a 15 day airpass for the country which would change our itinerary in many ways.


Aug. 7th, 2007 05:46 pm
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On Friday we booked our non-refundable plane tickets to Delhi. Then the news of the floods came two hours later.

Not to worry, something will be dry, I'm sure. We may have to cancel plans to visit Kolkata.

Anyway, we're commited. And we're doing 24 hours in Milan on the way since it was the connecting city. We've already booked our hotel there.

It looks like this is really going to happen.

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