Nov. 29th, 2007 12:47 pm
talktooloose: (beta)
I finished my fable and have shared it with a couple of people. The scary thing was giving it to Snake to read. He is waiting until I finish DOB to read it (curse you, WIP-phobes!) so it's the first writing of mine he's seen since I got serious about my craft almost two years ago.

I've learned over the years to separate my art self from my relationship self but I still really wanted him to like it. I asked him to not read it in bed with me before going to sleep because I didn't want to be around watching his reaction. He hates any behaviour from me that he perceives as "art precious" so he ignored this request. I found this strangely grounding.

His comments were right on the money and all the parts I was unsure about, he immediately flagged. I am very happy. He refused to take my insecure bait and declare me a "good writer". *grump* But an honest and wise editor is always a better option. Especially one who doesn't give me shit if I promise to help with dinner but instead keep writing for another 45 minutes.

For those awaiting DOB 16, I finished it and then realized that the first section was its own chapter. I beefed it up into a small stand-alone which should be published in a few days. Chapter 17, therefore, is also written but I haven't received all the betas on it. Expect it not too long after 16. This afternoon I will either begin writing 18 or at least do some more thinking about it.

He's Back

Jun. 12th, 2007 12:41 pm
talktooloose: (monkey_man)
And it turns out he loves me so what else do I need?

I've come to the realization that, after years of thinking he was the difficult one in this relationship, it's more probably me. Or else now it's me.

Not being such a nervous freak would make my life better in oh, so many ways.

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