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The fact is that, four days after seeing An Inconvenient Truth, I'm not all that okay. The documentary was just superb. Complex ideas were made clear, ridiculous myths were elegantly shredded and Gore presented a message of hope including listing successes we've made when we've confronted past environmental problems.

I was particularly impressed when he said that we have a tendency to jump from denial to despair without stopping in the middle in the place where we might take action.

But since the high I felt in the wake of the movie, I have been particularly vulnerable to the wretched stupidity of the human race. Yesterday, the lead-off news items were the people of Nunavut fighting the federal governement for the rights to the oil reserves off their coast and a giant oil fire in Sarnia, Ontario.

The arctic and antarctic are receiving by the far the most extreme climate change effects (ones that threaten us all and very soon) so now they want the right to exploit fossil fuels? To help their economy? And then there's that giant oil fire in Sarnia.

I think the message of hope is vitally important, but I'm panicking more and more as the week goes on.

My carbon footprint, btw, seems to be about 2 tonnes per year compared to the Ontario average of 5.29 tonnes. That's a start; wonder if I can do better?

lol. this is the closest I have to an enviro-icon.

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