Oct. 20th, 2009 11:47 am
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As I stagger towards the finish line on Days of Becoming, it is clear to me that I wish to continue writing novels. I should point out that the next novel is not fanfic. It is a horror/urban-fantasy novel, and it's working title is "Way, Way Up in the Dirty, Dirty Depths".

The idea has been floating around in my head for at least a decade, but I consciously stopped myself planning it a couple of years ago, or even letting its images ripen. Stories left on the shelf too long go rancid, but if they are still in a germinal stage, they keep longer. In about July I watered the seeds, added some fertilizer and let it start to grow (BLOCK THAT METAPHOR!). I think I will be ready to begin writing in January.

The tentative plan is to release it as a regular podcast. I've enjoyed the episodic writing I've been doing with my fanfic and I would rather keep to that than just bury myself in a book for a year and then try to release it somehow. However, many questions arise: can I keep to a weekly podcast schedule? How many words would that have to be? Is it a bad idea to have an irregular podcast that only shows up when a chapter is done? Am I going to find the need to make individual 'casts somewhat self-enclosed constricting in terms of the whole novel?

Dickens did it. I should be able to.

I am dealing with a lot of fear that no one will listen to it. Writing fanfic gives you a built-in audience. Over 1000 people are following DOB and that is a huge wind in my sails. Will I be able to keep going if I people aren't listening?

I think it will be a good book... I'm excited to begin writing it...

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