Dec. 3rd, 2007 10:07 am
talktooloose: (crestfallen_sidekick)
My November sadness is kind of continuing which is disappointing. I've been coming late to work a lot and I determined to be on time today. I was, just, so that's something.

Snake and I are incompatible moods. I spin into misery and sadness very easily and he feels used and abused by the universe, so he slips into outrage very easily. This leaves me feeling attacked and him feeling like he's being manipulated because I look like I'm going to weep every time he gets the least bit stroppy.

Ah well. It's funny, because hour by hour, it was a good weekend. We bought vinyl tiles for the kitchen Saturday and then hung out with my parents for the rest of the day. This did my mom a lot of good especially as she's still reeling a bit from the death of her closest cousin.

Sunday was slow and sleepy, but we enjoyed the 15cm of snow that was on the ground when we awoke Sunday morning. The dog enjoyed it doubly. Sunday evening's torrential rains were less enjoyable.

My parents (who are 82 and 79) have been talking about the time in the future when they will sell their house and buy a condo instead. A condo would, of course, require less upkeep and less driving. Snake and I were talking and we really think they should do this now, not in a few years when they might be physically and mentally less up for a big move.

I made my thoughts clear to my dad and told him that they should really move downtown because realistically, Snake and I can be there for them while my brother in the suburbs can't be. We're willing to make that commitment, but if they're up at the edge of the city, we aren't going to be able to drop by after work to bring them something or help change a light bulb.

To my surprise, my dad said that my mom is suddenly all adamant about staying in the house "forever". I think I'll take her out to lunch soon and sound her out about this. It is my mom who has always been in charge of when and where they move.

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