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I'm feeling a great desire to blog these days, as well as a reluctance. There is so much that would be useful to express, but I am also very protective of my soul now. So, I'll start cautiously, and perhaps I will continue, and perhaps not:

I've discovered a YouTube channel with dozens and dozens of episodes from the TV show, "Inside the Actor's Studio." I find the host rather insufferable and the show is sometimes a more intellectual version of People Magazine, but with an articulate guest (I'm watching Mike Nichols now), I learn so much.

At this point, my artistic life has condensed into two media: songs and novels. Yet strangely, I'm much less likely to listen to interviews from musicians or novelists, and much more likely to draw inspirations from actors and filmmakers, and sometimes cartoonists or photographers. If there is anything unique about the art I make, it's that I admire mongrel forms. In some ways, I am a traditionalist in song and fiction, but I rarely feel like it is the work of others in that genre I am directly channeling.
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