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This was, in many ways, the most complete and satisfying X-Men movie yet, especially the first half, where the combination of character-driven plot, global location, style out the wazoo and sheer fun were beautifully executed by all. I was impressed by what a solid prequel this was for the existing films (with some glitches). While James McAvoy did a fine job creating a young version of Patrick Stewart’s Charles, it was Michael Fassbender’s performance that really stood out. Of course, we saw none of the dry wit that made Ian McKellan’s Magneto so delicious, but then he still has time to hang out with Mystique and learn to let his hair down.

Speaking of Mystique, she was as delicious a foretaste of the later movie Mystique as you could wish for, and the four-way relationship of her, Charles, Hank and Erik made for a very believable arc. Hank, too, was exactly as awesome and well conceived as I could have hoped for. Very true to comics Hank.

Some quibbles: Seriously? They actually let the black character get killed first? And then the Latina defects? By the end of he movie, the X-Men is all white boys! Uh, remember the X-Men as ametaphor for diversity, guys? I am deeply sad that the original casting of Rosemund Pike as Emma didn’t remain. January Jones was tragically flat (no, not that way). The only moment that really screamed “Emma” was her telepathic tryst with the Russian general. Plus, they remembered to explain why Mystique doesn't age so she can be consistent with later movies, but what about Hank? He's really supposed to be in his 50s in X3? It's possible, I suppose.

Here’s an addition to the final Charles/Moira scene:

Charles: Anonymity will be defense strategy number one.

Moira: I promise I’ll never tell anyone where you are.

Charles: Right, that's why I'm erasing your memories… SHIT! I just realized I've been paying Westchester property taxes in my own name for years now! Busted!

Also, what happened to all the nuclear energy that Shaw stored up? I want a scene at his autopsy. The scalpel pushes into the flesh. Cut to longshot of Guantanamo Bay and a sudden mushroom cloud.
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