Jun. 20th, 2011

talktooloose: (Bobby_Gack!)
Ack! My marriage works by means of careful balance (as do most relationships, I believe). We are two loners who like being coupled. This means we crave lots of together time and lots of alone time.

Since Snake's contract ended a few weeks ago, the balance is fucked. Not only are we at home together at all times except when I'm working, but we are sharing ALL our projects at the moment. In addition to the normal cooking, cleaning, discussing, and entertainment parts of our lives, we are also making art together, exhaustively planning a trip together, and planning and executing a renovation together.

This is too much togetherness, and our peace is cracking like an egg. We had a very faggy fist fight this weekend at the height of it (slippers thrown and wimpy blows to biceps) and screamed at each other and slammed the crappy hollow doors on our second floor. But then we went out and bought cookware and felt better.

Balance, baby, everything is about balance. You heard it hear last.

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