Mar. 29th, 2011

talktooloose: (yaoi itai)
Oh boy, it's an insecure day. I have been engaged in a debate on Facebook where my position differs from others'. I brought it up with a co-worker and he was also against my position. But the more I spoke it out, the more I believed what I was saying, even though I could sympathize with the other side.

Simultaneously, I am doing a contentious design for a new chart-type at work, and even though the criticism my early designs are receiving is a normal part of the process, it's leaving me feeling vulnerable.

Conflict scares me, even when it's the kind of conflict that is potentially constructive. The idea that people won't like me anymore feels all too real.

So... breathe, name the problem. Hold the hand of the scared boy inside and assure him that this conflict is a normal part of the adult world, and it's not a threat to him.

(More on the scared boy golem later.)

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