Jan. 5th, 2011

talktooloose: (glam batgirl)
Not kidding; actual ad:

So I'm white and amazingly straight acting. In fact I'm so straight acting that nobody can tell that I'm into guys. You can imagine the challenges for picking up dudes. 

I want another guy who is straight acting, white, and my age or younger. 

- We could go to a sports event and 'accidentally' touch each other when nobody's watching. 
- We could walk down the street and nobody would realize we're going back to your place to sleep together 
- We could take an elevator together - and when the last person gets off - they wouldn't suspect that we would be making out as soon as the door closed. 
- We could go to an action movie, sit in the back row, and hold hands. 

Generally, signs of straight acting include, but are not limited to: interest in sports, regular fitting pants, baseball caps, little-to-no jewelery, one tone hair colour, regular-paced walking, other male friends, running shoes, pauses between sentences, limited piercings, calmness, and an active nature in the bedroom. 

Ideally... I want a best friend who likes to play. I'd mostly describe myself as bisexual because I'm also attracted to girls. Just... guys are hot too, you know?

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